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Five Things to Avoid in your Essay

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It is frequent to see students stressed over writing an essay. Have you at any point wonder the primary aspect for your poor execution in essay writing? The answer is lack of language skills and ideas. They want to express themselves but fail to do so. What is the solution?

There are many solutions to essay writing problems. Students don’t need to worry about anything, thanks to the internet! UK essay writing service provides students with the golden opportunity to get a amazing essay at the best price. You can also take full advantages of other sources such as internet, friends, and teachers.


The first thing to avoid in your essay is abbreviations. Be as formal as you can in your essay. Avoid abbreviations in your essay. Don’t use words like don’t, can’t, shouldn’t and many others instead write the complete form like do not and cannot. A professional looking essay doesn’t have any abbreviation.

Losing the Way

Never move away from the main topic of the essay and the main question, which you want to address in your essay. Don’t discuss same information again and again in your essay. Focus on the main information and other related information but do not discuss irrelevant topics.

Incomplete Sentences

It often happens that students leave sentences and paragraphs incomplete because they are not able to complete them with proper sense. Essay is composed of many paragraphs. It is important for you to complete each paragraph and sentences to make your essay logical with the use of appropriate and meaningful words.


This is a major mistake, which is made by students in the process of assignment writing. They make blunders and even don’t know about it. It is better to use spell checkers and grammatical checkers when writing an essay to prevent errors. This will also highlight the mistakes so that you can easily correct them before submitting it to the teacher. Never use informal languages in your essay and always stay away from every type of slang and use of improper words in your essay.

Improper Referencing

Give a complete list of all the sources you have used in your essay. Improper referencing or no referencing put you into trouble with copyrights issues and plagiarism concerns. You must include references to primary sources when you quote from or refer to a specific text. You should include references to secondary sources when you use ideas from them. Use italic font for the title of books and journals as well as multimedia.

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